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But we started to ponder for why r they trying to deny them to b foreigners,why r not they proud of their background,and for why got they angry and almost violent! They have very little knowlegde about other poleple and cultures and often assume they are superior to other peple. The people, the climate, the style of living - either cold, completely reserved, or mean and aggressive usually when drunken behaviour, no politeness or manners, no openness, warmth or empathy. The wilma jkl ilmainen sexi video gay made a move and touched the girl intimately or had sex with. It is clearly a general attitude among Finns that they are better than anyone. Finns are so hostile to anyone not like themselves. What are they thinking? Otherwise fine, but I think the ubiquitous idea of there being jobs that do not attract Finns is false. And there's nothing weird about it, because it just isn't a tradition. Please dont give up. I'm a native finnishman and I still must say that I really like my country I like my friends and family, finnish nature my summerhouses, baltic sea lakes, lapland sauna. I would encourage anyone I meet to go and search places abroad. Come to think of it, the game of self esteem in Finland is one you can't possibly win.